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New electric hoist

New electric hoist

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New electric hoist

The European style electric hoist is a new type of electric hoist that our company has introduced and digested foreign technology, and completed with imported configurations, new materials, and new processes, which is lightweight, modular, and maintenance free. Using lifting motors and reducers imported from Germany. The integrated compact design of the lifting motor, reducer, drum, and lifting limit switch saves user space. Modular design enhances the reliability of the mechanism while effectively reducing maintenance time and costs. With faster and more lifting speeds and multiple pulley ratios to choose from.
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The European-style electric hoist is a new type of electric hoist with lightweight, modular and maintenance-free completed by our company on the basis of introducing and digesting foreign technology, using imported configurations, new materials and new processes.

Adopt hoisting motor and reducer imported from Germany. The integrated compact design of hoisting motor, reducer, drum and hoisting limit switch saves the user's space. The modular design enhances the reliability of the mechanism while effectively reducing maintenance time and costs.

It has faster lifting speeds and a variety of pulley magnifications to choose from. The standard trolley running mechanism is controlled by frequency converter, and the speed reaches 20 m/min, so that the lifting items swing small and the positioning is accurate when the trolley is walking, and it can safely and reliably lift precision valuables.


Lifting mechanism

The design strictly follows the relevant standards of FEM.

Technical features:
Aluminum alloy reducer housing Smooth
operation, low noise
Lifetime lubrication (within the safe use cycle)
Double disc electric disc disc brake


1. Reel

The drum is made of high-quality seamless steel pipes processed by CNC machine tools, and the rope groove on the drum after finishing can effectively prevent the occurrence of loose rope and rope disorder.


2. Wire rope

The wire rope is made of high-strength imported wire rope with tensile strength of 2160 N/㎡, which has good safety and long service life.


3. Rope guide

The standard rope guide is made of engineering plastics with strong wear resistance and good self-lubricating performance, which greatly reduces the wear and tear of the wire rope, which is the main stress safety component, thereby enhancing the safety of the lifting mechanism. At the same time, heavy-duty guide ropes made of ductile iron are also available for different use conditions.


1. Hoisting motor

The lifting adopts a double-winding squirrel cage pole changing motor to achieve a fast and slow speed ratio of 1:6. The motor shell is made of aluminum alloy for good heat dissipation, and a fan is installed at the end of the hoisting motor to enhance the cooling effect. Thermistors (or thermal switches) are embedded in the windings of all hoist motors to prevent possible motor overheating.
The motor is insulated with class F and protected at IP54.

For variable frequency hoisting motors, an encoder can be installed, which is usually installed directly at the fan shaft end of the motor.
Technical features:
Small starting current, high torque
Soft start, good acceleration performance
Long design life
Technical parameters in line with FEM and HMI standards
High speed, low noise


2. Brakes

The hoisting motor is equipped with a double disc disc disc brake. The brake is integrated at the end of the motor and automatically closes when the motor is powered off, preventing the load from slipping. The brake clearance of the brake does not need to be manually adjusted after the first setting (the clearance can be adjusted by the brake spring), and when the brake pad thickness is lower than the set value, the additional monitoring switch can automatically alarm and prompt the user to replace. The double-disc electric disk brake is safe and reliable, the braking torque is not less than 1.8 times of the rated torque of the motor, and the braking times can reach 1 million, and there is no need for maintenance during the safe use cycle.
Technical features:
fast action, high reliability
maintenance-free, self-adjusting
dustproof design, long service life


3. Reducer

The reducer housing is made of aluminum alloy material, which is light in weight and corrosion-resistant. The semi-grease lubricant in the fully sealed box allows all gears to be fully lubricated, eliminating the need to change the oil during the designed safe service life.
Each case-hardened and high-precision grinding gear ensures smooth operation of the reducer.
Technical characteristics:
small size, light weight Smooth
operation, low noise
Anti-corrosion, maintenance-free


4. Security protection

★ The upper and lower limits of the electric wire rope hoist adopt a precise gear-driven limiter, which can reliably cut off the power circuit and stop the motor when the hook is in the upper (or lower) limit position.

★ Overload protector: The electric wire rope hoist adopts an electronic overload protector (with safety monitor) to ensure that the total lifting weight will not exceed the rated lifting capacity of the bridge, and when the wire rope tension is greater than 105% of the rated value, the overload protection device will automatically cut off the lifting circuit.

★ Safety monitor (optional): A variety of functions can be realized according to the user's requirements:
Calculate the remaining safe working cycle of the hoisting mechanism
Cumulative hoisting working time
Cumulative overload times
Cumulative hoisting motor start times
Hoisting motor overheating protection and alarm
Overload protection and alarm
Brake pad thickness alarm
displays fault information and maintenance tips



Running Mechanism                                           

1. The running mechanism adopts a three-in-one structure of "motor + reducer + walking wheel", and is bilaterally driven on the double-girder trolley frame.

2. Frequency conversion speed regulation reduces the shaking of lifting heavy objects during operation, enhances the safety of operation, reduces the time required for operation cycle, and improves production efficiency.

3. All bearings are self-lubricating and oil-impregnated and arranged in such a way that they can effectively absorb horizontal forces.

4. All gears of the reducer are carburized and quenched and hardened on the surface, in order to reduce noise, all gears must be ground or shaved, and the gearbox does not need to change oil during its service life.

5. The reliability of the brake is more than 1 million times.

6. The protection level of the whole traveling mechanism is IP54, and the insulation level of the drive motor is class F.

7. The whole set of mechanism is designed according to the requirements of maintenance-free.

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