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 Enterprise development strategy

  Pay attention to market dynamics, pay close attention to product quality, and strive to create world-class.

  Enterprise's goal

  A hundred years of mineral resources, a first-class enterprise. Morality shapes people with noble spirit, arms people with modern management concepts, wins the market with honesty and trustworthiness, and is brave with high quality and low price.

  Corporate values

  People-oriented, innovative development. Entrepreneurship, innovation, truth-seeking and dedication.

  Four disciplines

  1. Listen to the command with all actions. 2. Maintain a high degree of consistency with the company. 3. Everyone is equal before the system. 4. Customer-centric.

  Ten notes

  1. Safety production should be kept in mind. 2, quality awareness mind. 3. The work objectives should be clear. 4. Discipline is strictly implemented. 5, between colleagues should be harmonious. 6, the corporate image I started. 7. Company secrets should be conservative. 8, go to work to be on time. 9, diligent and saving to contribute. 10, continue to learn and strive for progress.